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A Smart Foundation: The Advantages of Pre-Wiring Your New Construction House

Whether you’re someone who loves a high-end home theater or someone who wants to have a connected security system with cameras and sensors, pre-wiring/cabling your new house is the move to make. Can you imagine if a house’s plumbing or electrical conduits were exposed and outside of the walls? Think of how unsightly and unsafe that would be. If you’re building a home or buying one that is construction, you can pre-wire it for audio, security, Wi-Fi, and other smart home features. Consider these advantages for your residence.

A Clean, Clutter-Free Look

Electrical wiring, HVAC ducts, and plumbing are usually installed during construction where they can be hidden from sight with restricted access. Think about how cluttered a home would look if cabling and ductwork were exposed. Pre-wiring connections for security, Wi-Fi, home theater, etc. afford the same clean and clutter-free look for your residence.

Improved Reliability

Wireless connections offer a clean look, but they’re not nearly as fast or as reliable as wired connections. Wireless signals are subject to interference that can diminish performance and quality. Pre-wiring/cabling gives you the clean look of wireless with greater reliability. Your home theater or security systems use dedicated wires for operation, instead of relying entirely on Wi-Fi or cellular systems which can experience service interruptions.

A Future-Proofed Design

When you’re contemplating a pre-wired home, it forces you to think about future use. You can think about the spaces in your house and anticipate what you’ll need in connectivity. You might think of audio and video cabling in your living room and public spaces, but what about your bedrooms and bathrooms? You can appreciate the value of being able to talk to the person at the door while you’re lying in bed or taking a shower.

Trusted Provider for Pre-Wired Systems

Pre-wiring/cabling your home is often a more affordable solution than retrofitting it to support your home theater, Wi-Fi, or security systems. Audio One is your trusted provider for home theater, whole home audio, security, and other pre-wired systems. Contact us today at (803) 238-5002 to explore what’s possible when it comes to making your house realize its full wired potential.

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