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Residential Audio Systems

Home Audio Systems

You customize your home to provide the comfort, security and conveniences you desire. When you're enjoying a favorite movie or streaming music, you want next-level sound quality. It transforms your experience, shifting it from ordinary to extraordinary. A thoughtfully-designed home audio setup helps achieve this goal. AudioOne has some great options in residential audio systems.

Home Theater Systems

Home Theater Systems

Today's home theaters can include a wide range of components:

  • Projector
  • Screen
  • Lighting
  • Speakers
  • Seating
  • All in one remote controls

Sound and audio sources include smart TVs, receivers, HDMI cables and Bluetooth. Content can be streamed online or played locally from digital files or discs.

Controlling Your Home Theater System

Modern systems can be operated by all in one remote controls. Digital controllers such as Leviton's BitWise Audio Visual. Both mobile apps and physical touchscreen panels let you manage critical functions such as volume, media source, lighting, temperature and more.

Whole House Audio

Whole house audio goes beyond a single room to deliver high-quality crystal-clear sound throughout your home. Today's systems are predominantly wireless transmitting audio to speakers in every room via Bluetooth.

Outdoor Entertainment Systems

An outdoor entertainment system brings the full sensory experience of your favorite media into your outside spaces. Your outdoor setup includes all the essentials of an indoor system, including video and surround sound. Professional design and installation are key to getting the most out of an outdoor entertainment setup.

Outdoor Entertainment Systems

Designing and Installing Your Residential Audio Systems

Audio systems are essential to the high-end residential experience and can be incorporated into various room layouts. We design and install surround sound, whole house audio, in-wall and ceiling speakers and custom home theater systems. Our customer support team can guide you and are willing to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of multiple setups and how to make the most informed decision when choosing an audio system for your home. We can design a system that is easy to operate with one-button operation. To find out more or book a consultation, contact us online or call (803) 238-5002.

Home Audio Vendors

We design and install surround sound, whole house audio, in-wall, outdoor and ceiling speakers and custom home theater systems.

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